What are we changing towards?

In the world full of youth, speeches to be the change, drive the things, what is our inspiration? Do we need an inspiration? Why we need an inspiration? An inspiration helps to find a quick solution but is the solution of other’s problems fits in yours?

One day, during a game of cricket, a new player arrived with all new skills, played the way it was never played before. He uses his skills so perfectly that he set a new standard of the game; it was a discovery, a talent which comes from a lot of practice. He became a legend!

An era later, with everyone having a persona that one should not teach the youngster that how the game is played, and let them play freely with their own ways, seems to ruins many then build any! This thought is making us ignore the uttermost important ways of how things should be done and applying a formula which doesn’t even fit the problem.

Yes, we need to change our mindset, change to accept what’s new can come in the way but are we sure that what we are leaving behind is wrong? Are we sure that what we are accepting is right? If it is right then on what basis we define the perfectness of that solution?

A change doesn’t need to accept a theorem, a change is to understand the basics. There are very few universal truths that the world had given to us, that our religion has given to us, it’s like pure mathematics if you just stick to your basics you can set bigger examples, but if you learn the final formulas then you can solve only a few.

Here, I won’t say life is maths, or we are doing something which we should not do, or neither I am asking to stop getting inspired. The only question is that inspiration is arriving from the final result, not the basics of how it went.

All the stories miss out that how they formed, all the stories focus on what the final achievement, if at all achievement is our inspiration throughout the times.

What we need is just basic definitions, and search for what lies best within. Your story is only yours; no one else has lived that life.

Another example, every person I talk to about the Indian audience and their behaviour towards the content consumption, 99% says that the market is worst and they just like bad content so in order to make money, big people have to make that kind of content only. But then one day I met with a person who had given an example that how his grandmother started watching good content for a week while the dish connection wasn’t working well and then further switched her entirely from TV to digital platforms. It’s what you show, they will see mindset rather what I’ll see you will show me more of that.

Again it’s a persona, that 1 guy out of 100 has that mindset of focusing on basics instead setting an example from the final products or from the thoughts that roam around.

Someone on the path of changing themselves should define the basics first and stick on them rather getting influenced by the final product.