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Vipul Agrawal, a Serial Entrepreneur and a Life Skills Thinker has come a long way from establishing one startup and now starting with another. He strongly advocates and nurtures the “RBC” – Relationship, Business and Connections, of his life to stay ahead in the competitive market. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science – Maths (Hons.) from Delhi University followed by Masters in Statistics from Amity University.

Vipul’s journey of starting his own venture eventually started at a very early age, he lost his beloved father and the circumstances shaped him to be mentally resilient to withstand the expenses for his own education, food and shelter. He started his first startup at a very early age. Then he founded his second startup, targeted towards re-defining cricket audience engagement. He has always believed in empowering people in his team and developing intrapreneurs to achieve the business objectives.

Vipul always correlates the Start-up and Life by saying “Life is also a startup…..” and which is evident from the sketches he draws and the writings and poetry he writes. He possesses a genuine desire to start an NGO, providing opportunities of free education to the people in need, who have a desire to withstand in their own life and empower others. With his strong connect in the industry and deep roots to serve the society, he has been sharing his learnings on different knowledge sharing platforms.

Re-defining the way of doing business leading to customer delight and watching it grow, has established him as a successful Life and Start-Up Thinker.